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Automation and control industry is broad verticals with many specific industry verticals within. They share similar high-level architecture, similar use cases and mindset. The major verticals are connected homes, Connected buildings and smart cities, industrial automation along with Industry 4.0 revolution.

Smart Cities

Smart city initiatives are about solving urban problems through technology. It could range from site survey till the occupation and operations of the city. It is about the approach of design and also in specifying the most intelligent products & parts. All of the automation solutions in smart buildings are applicable here too. Besides, the intelligent traffic systems, transportation systems, waste management, flood management, outdoor air quality, managing city maintenance operations etc. also come under the scope of smart cities. In broad sense, the domain, mindset and the core expertise remain the same as connected buildings.

Smart cities have huge potential for data analytics. However, one big hurdle is in doing right sensor interfacing, protocol integrations and configurations. Only by doing this, the data can flow into the data analytics systems. We have expertise end-to-end in entire value chain.

Connected homes

Description of domain. How IoT from tech companies brought disruption in home automation. Different devices / appliances, door video, CCTV, Alexa, siri. There are plethora of technologies, integration platforms from both traditional players and the big tech players.

Connected Buildings

HVAC, CCTV & security monitoring, Access control, intelligent lighting control, asset tracking, water management & treatment, fire alarm, electric distribution and monitoring and many other systems. These involve the whole stack of automation, ranging from sensor, device, control networks & respective gateways, monitoring software. It also involves analytics at system level to provide useful insights - both offline and real time.

The building automation involves complex and diverse set of control networking protocols such as BACnet, LonTalk, Zigbee, many proprietary wired and wireless protocols. The entire industry and also the technical standards in these are in the middle of waves of disruptions due to IT penetration.

Our leadership has experience in creating products and solutions in these domains. We also have successfully navigated through these ourselves and can solve the integration, migration and product development in these areas. Apart from these, the Sustainability standards such as LEED are becoming important. With climate change being priority, the govts have started restructuring taxes and insurances too. Benefitting from these need the automation changes and we can be your partners here.

Industrial Automation & Industry 4.0

Industrial automation and systems encompass huge set of industries. Process control, manufacturing, mining and many more. Apart from core functionality required, these domains are also subject to stringent regulations due to the stakes involved and the extreme environment conditions. The standards such as IEC 61508, design consideration such as ‘intrinsic safety’ are to be kept in mind throughout

Industry 4.0 is about making the industry more intelligent by adopting the present day technologies into every aspect of the industry. This includes highest possible factory automation, using AR/VR in manufacturing training & product maintenance, Robotics, Industrial IoT and many more.

Overall Industry 4.0 is about inserting more cyber physical systems and IT. To do this effectively, it is critical to have background in both the domain and the technology. In terms of domain, our people have strong background in development of tools and products in Oil & Gas and safety systems such as gas sensor. Apart from products, the general mindset of industrial safety is essential in every aspect. It could be in specifying requirements, design, implementation and qualification. We can help here too.

Solution and support

  • ✎  Communication debugging, System-level debug

  • ✎  Driver adaptations & testing, Board

  • ✎  bring-up, Embedded application dev & testing

Our Competency

  • ✎  Multi-core high complexity embedded systems

  • ✎  BIOS and secure boot

  • ✎  Microcontrollers, CAN, Embedded Linux, Windows, drivers & applications, ARM, Intel, UBOOT, CoreBoot, UEFI.

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