Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

Cloud is excellent and powerful combination of Computing, Storage, Networking, business applications and management solutions that facilitates IT,non IT and customer service Cloud solutions has significantly moved to the top of mind of the many organizations and the ultimate aim is to significantly improve business and IT agility and cost reduction

Cloud computing is one the effective ways to eliminate business risks in terms of data security. In terms of costs involved in using traditional servers in the past is taken over by cloud computing. We offer agile services in cloud computing to address the challenges faced by clients. Automated cloud management and simplified deployment will ensure to establish effective framework.

Our service offerings would benefit the customer in a big way by lowering down-risk solutions, data security, backup, hosting and continuous operations.

Benefits of having us as your cloud computing partner


Our cloud design is apt to the tailor needs


Always updated with latest trend of cloud architecture

Development & Testing

Cloud applications are managed well with improved efficiency

Maintenance & Enhancement

Enhancement solutions & Maintenance yield to high returns

Enterprise Cloud Consulting

Our services can help you building efficient Dynamic Performance oriented, scalable and secure systems are dealt with cloud solutions. We can help you to develop and execute a strategy for cloud migration that optimizes your applications for the cloud platform. Our expertise will help you in seamlessly migrating any of your applications, operations, database, networking and storage to the cloud.

Our Expertise:

Cloud Architecture

Cloud Migration

Cloud Management


✎  Planned Strategic advice

✎  Cloud Architecture & cloud deployment solutions

✎  Licensing Environment management & Optimization

✎  Security concerns

✎  Project Management

✎  Audit support and simulations


✎  Disaster Recovery planning services and protection

✎  System Health Checks, Updates and Tune-Ups

✎  Environment Preparation Service

✎  Project Management

✎  Migration Assurance

✎  Post Migration Support

✎  Managed services like Amazon, Google, MS Azure

✎  Dedicated VPS,HA & infrastructure on cloud

✎  Managed High-Performance Computing

✎  Monitoring, Patching, updating & alerting

✎  Performance analysis and reporting

consulting approach comprises of:

Requirement Gathering

Our technical team will work seamlessly with all the stake holders in order to

✎  Understand the business goals

✎  Identifying the technicalities and technical feasibilities

✎  Evaluate the breakeven ROI



Our team of experts lay the solution architecture design, third party integration of resources / apps and cloud resource mapping to build reliable application



Executive Strategy


Our team arrive at the complete execution plan in a phase wise manner which will reduce risks and smooth transition



Cloud Management Service

Being a part of modern enterprise, you are conscious about the positive impact that private cloud migrations and digital transformation solutions have on your business. However, managing and administering these cloud operations requires state-of-the-art technical expertise and huge, long-term investments in infrastructure, software, and staff — something only large corporations can afford. The most viable decision is to engage a trusted Managed IT Services Provider to manage your cloud platforms, applications, and tools.

Our team of professionals have been at the forefront of cloud technology design and development, and possess wide-ranging experience in private, multi-tenant, hybrid, and public cloud infrastructures. We work collaboratively with your IT departments and business groups to manage routine in-house hybrid cloud activities, including maintenance, processing bugs, disaster recovery, software/ hardware technology upgrades, and security patch deployments among other issues.

Cloud Readiness

By leveraging advantages of the cloud model, we prepare proof of idea and make any architectural changes.

Cloud Setup

✎  We will set up broad cloud architecture that meets the compliance requirements and security concerns

✎  It manages systems on cloud including storage, Integration function and access control

✎  Necessary Redundancy and Disaster Recovery plans (Availability, Performance RPO/RTO etc.)


To migrate your resources, we follow a phased migration approach based on a least criticality or to ensure dependent systems will not be disrupted by high savings or less dependency order.


Devops, Auto scalling, Cloud watch, alerts and so on are effectively used in Automation to minimize the cost of the operations and increase cost savings.


Functional testing of the resources as well as non-functional testing like fallover, performance, scalability etc are covered in Testing.

Cloud Optimization

Cloud optimization services will identify and check for any gaps in your existing architecture / design and review the same. Through cloud optimization can help you

✎  Usage of cloud resources are optimized to the fullest extent

✎  Cost reduction by utilizing the latest cloud services

✎  Cloud security can be strengthened

✎  Cloud operations costs would be reduced by automation

✎  Enable integration capabilities with third party applications and other systems

Cloud Application Development

A Cloud app or application is a software program where local components and cloud based work together. In this model remote servers for processing logic is accessed through a web browser with a continual Internet connection.

Benefits of cloud apps:
✎  Fast response to business needs.
✎  Simplified operation.
✎  Instant scalability.
✎  API use.
✎  Gradual adoption.
✎  Reduced costs.
✎  Improved data sharing and security.

How we support

As a cloud solution provider, our team at SPEC INDIA execute cloud deployment solutions, with the following execution steps:
Cloud Advice
✎  Cloud Assessment ✎  Cloud Security, Governance & Compliance
Cloud Architect
✎  Application & Platform Architecture ✎  Risk and Return Assessment
Cloud Build
✎  Migration Services ✎  Hybrid Cloud Services
Cloud Govern
✎  Unified Cloud Management & Monitoring ✎  Dev-Ops Services

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