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Our team has proven expertise on taking complete ownership of verification of a design from scratch – whether that is an IP/SOC/subsystem – and taking it to verification closure by performing the following activities: click for more...

Consumer Electronics

Product safety is a serious concern for consumers when spending for electronics products. To increase success in the marketplace: manufacturers, retailers, and resellers need to gain buyer confidence with harmless products. You can engage with UL engineers in design reviews to help identify non-compliance issues early in the product development cycle. click for more...


Testing is the last step in the traditional development process. Due to inevitable delays in projects, the last part is frequently the one to be cut in resources. The implication is that companies deliver bug-ridden products that infuriate their customers and drive them to competitive products. click for more...

Cloud Computing

Being a part of modern enterprise, you are conscious about the positive impact that private cloud migrations and digital transformation solutions have on your business. However, managing and administering these cloud operations requires state-of-the-art technical expertise and huge, long-term investments in infrastructure, software, and staff — something only large corporations can afford. The most viable decision is to engage a trusted Managed IT Services Provider to manage your cloud platforms, applications, and tools. click for more...

Automation control system

Automation and control industry is broad verticals with many specific industry verticals within. They share similar high-level architecture, similar use cases and mindset. The major verticals are connected homes, Connected buildings and smart cities, industrial automation along with Industry 4.0 revolution. click for more...

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