Embedded automotive systems are designed in such way that the entire vehicle is separated in to four different functional areas. These could be separated during design phase.

Customers want the usability of mobile phone with the safety level of aircraft.

Automotive technologies are mainly divided into four domains : powertrain, chassis & safety, telematics & entertainment, comfort & body electronics. The components could come through OEM-fitted or aftermarket channel.

There are supporting domains such as Basic Software standards, stacks, tools and test systems. Each of these are quite specialized and diverse.

Automotive is also going through unprecedented transformation in all domains. The engines are leading to electric vehicles and battery management. The traditional chassis technologies like steering, braking and driver assistance are giving way to full fledged autonomous driving. The body electronics have moved up from simple door control to total personalization of the vehicle depending upon the occupants.

Parallel access to IP Ethernet bus systems, CAN, LIN or FlexRay or IP/Ehternet bus systems can be established by acquiring and stimulating of Digital and analogue vie DAQ and external Hardware, you can easily realize development accompanying tests.

automotive development


Self-driving cars are transformational technology, on the cutting-edge of robotics, machine learning, and engineering.

Automated driving systems are been tested on several occasions where operations are performed by electronics and machinery instead of human driver. Perception and decision making are the various complex combinations involved in automated driving system.

Automotive electronics are electronic systems used in vehicles, including engine management, ignition, radio, carputers, telematics, in-car entertainment systems and others.

Due to the parallel access to the CAN, LIN, MOST, FlexRay or IP/Ethernet bus systems as well as by acquiring and stimulating of analogue and digital data via DAQ and external hardware you can easily realize development accompanying tests. Therefore you ensure a process conformantdevelopment of the ECU functionality and network communication.

automotive development

Embedded Software

    Pain Points
  • ✎  Skill shortage of Basic SW and AutoSAR expertise

  • ✎  Skill shortage in multi-core, high complexity systems

  • ✎  Third party integrations

  • ✎  Hardware obsolescence

  • ✎  System Safety and Security

  • ✎  Increased testing and compliance load

  • ✎  Balancing the benefits of cloud based services with the system safety & security

How we can help
  • ✎  Univision’s core competency is in multi-core complex systems and cloud based services & tooling. Univision is well established in semiconductor domain in various product development, test and automation services

  • ✎  Our competencies range from embedded debugging/testing until end-to-end system analysis & consulting

  • ✎  Embedded system development, testing, debugging, BIOS, secure boot, UBoot, CoreBoot, UEFI, drivers & applications, processor architectures of ARM, Intel, UEFI

  • ✎  Tool suite development and support

  • ✎  DevOps tooling and automation as required for ASPICE , CMMI

  • ✎  Cloud services and AI solutioning: AWS, Azure, Google cloud, Various services from the major cloud vendors

  • ✎  Innovation services: Conceptualizing new ideas away from the daily operational crises

hardware testing
hardware testing

Solution and support

  • ✎  Communication debugging, System-level debug

  • ✎  Driver adaptations & testing, Board

  • ✎  bring-up, Embedded application dev & testing

Our Competency

  • ✎  Multi-core high complexity embedded systems

  • ✎  BIOS and secure boot

  • ✎  Microcontrollers, CAN, Embedded Linux, Windows, drivers & applications, ARM, Intel, UBOOT, CoreBoot, UEFI.


Testing is an integral part of development in any of the engineering field. In any Development, first is to gather requirement as per the system design based on which code is written.

Testing is must to be carried out once the development process completes. Because of the delay and time constraints people chose to ignore the process that will lead to bug ridden products. This certainly infuriate the customers and drive them for other options

hardware testing
  • ✎  Unit test (white box testing)

  • ✎  Hardware and software integration testing

  • ✎  System testing black box testing

  • ✎  Quality certification

  • ✎  Acceptance test autosar

  • ✎  Analyzing ECUs and Networks

  • ✎  Test and analysis of entire ECU networks and individual ECUs


Test cases are executed by automation tools This is called as Automation Testing.

The Automation software sits in the system under Test where it compares the expected and actual results and generate the detailed test reports.

hardware testing

our automation services are

  • ✎  Data driven test case generation in ECUs is through automated validation of diagnostic implementation

  • ✎  Automation of Testing activities through Embedded Software testing platform across the SDLC

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