The automotive sector faces an unprecedented change with regard to the far-reaching effects it will have on the industry and its users.

About The Industry

Basing our findings on key demographic trends, we look at how the mobility behavior of users might change and what effects that could have. PwC Auto facts is convinced that the future will be much simpler, at least where users are concerned.

Five trends transforming the Automotive Industry
  • Electrified
  • Connected
  • Autonomous
  • Shared
  • Yearly updated

From the customer’s point of view, the five dimensions are associated with numerous benefits. All predictions suggest that driving will become easier, safer, cheaper, and more comfortable. At the same time, the revolution in individual mobility will force the automotive sector to reinvent itself to a certain extent. In our whitepaper Re-inventing the wheel1 we already addressed the key strategic and conceptual consequences of this trend. The present study goes an important step further. PwC Autofacts – a team of automotive industry specialists dedicated to ongoing analysis and prognosis of sector trends – has devised a mathematical model to determine the effects of restructuring on the key performance indicators of this sector.

The main focus here is on the existing car inventory and new car sales. Ultimately, these two variables determine the value chain of automotive production – and are therefore critical for the future business models of manufacturers and suppliers in equal measure. For our study, we concentrated on the three largest car markets in the world, namely Europe, the US and China. The study aims to model the future development of the market, starting from the user. The reorientation of the industry can be described through three external factors, three modelling results and three implications.

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