Staff Augmentation

Staff Augmentation

In today's competitive arena, we as an Univision team understand the need to have skilled resources to work on critical projects meeting the deliverables, time line and quality at lesser cost with a minimal interference and a less governance.

Staff augmentation enable a superior level of efficiency because the developers are focused on a single project 100% of their work time, in compare to a project outsourcing team which can administer several projects at the same time. Working for one client and following their large vision also means higher levels of inspiration and dedication.

We are the process oriented and compliance driven company offer the following services -

Onsite Services

Remote Services

Virtual Services

Onsite Services :

Based on the project requirement, we identify the right resource after screening and post due diligence we deploy them in the client location as an extended resources of Univision. These resources are closely monitored by our technical panel for timely deliverables.

Remote Services :

Most of the times it is difficult to accommodate the new hires in the existing office space due to various challenges and managing them would be Hercules task, yet it is essential to have skilled resources for the project specific needs. Univision offers remote services where our team of experts support for timely deliverables.

Virtual Services :

Professionals with domain Expertise wants to utilize their time effectively by leveraging their experience to cater to the critical project needs. These are highly skilled individuals willing to contribute their time on complex projects. Univision has a team of such talented individuals who work, guide and mentor the projects. This is certainly cost effective solution that Univision offer.


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