As chips increased in complexity, technology and software content has got into the chips. There is lot of embedded networking, software frameworks inside the chips now.

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As chips increased in complexity, technology and software content has got into the chips. There is lot of embedded networking, software frameworks inside the chips now. As networking and software content increased inside the chips, the security threats also increased at alarming rate. These increased the demand for development, debugging and testing. The skill expectations are increasing rapidly.

The industry trend is that more and more peripherals get packaged inside the system on chip (SoC). Due to this, the device driver competencies are needed everywhere.

The semiconductor segment has lot more than just the semiconductor chips. Lot of technologies and tools are developed just for the validation of chips. Also it involves robotics.

The above drive the demand for embedded development engineers, validation engineers, application software engineers, test automation engineers across the board, DevOps engineers.

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SoC Validation is a process in which the manufactured design (chip) is tested for all functional correctness in a lab setup. This is done using the real chip assembled on a test board or a reference board along with all other components part of the system for which the chip was designed for. The goal is to validate all use cases of the chip that a customer might eventually have in a true deployment and to qualify the design for all these usage models. Validation happens initially for individual features and interfaces of the chip and then can also involve running real software/applications that stress tests all the features of the design. Validation team usually consists of both hardware and software engineers as the overall process involves validating the chip in a system level environment with real software running on the hardware.

There are some companies that use the term Validation in a broader perspective and classifies the activities before and after Silicon/chip availability. Verification hence is also referred to as Pre-Silicon Validation (indicating activities before the silicon chip is available) and Validation is also known as Post-Silicon Validation.

Test Automation

It is a set of specifications defining test methods for diverse components of computer and electronic systems to be marketed as complete products. The intent of a Testing is to ensure consistency in hardware and software test procedures from the conceptual and design phases through manufacture and distribution. Computers, computer peripherals etc…

Benefits of Automation Testing
  • 70% faster than the manual testing
  • Wider test coverage of application features
  • Reliable in results
  • Ensure Consistency
  • Saves Time and Cost
  • Improves Accuracy
  • Human Intervention is not requires
  • Increases Efficiency
  • Better speed in executing results
  • Re-usable test scripts
  • Test Frequently and thoroughly
  • More cycle of execution can be achieved through automation
  • Early time to market

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