Devops is a combination of development and operations of the system. It's a bunch of improvement methods. DevOps is a culture that promotes collaboration between Development and Operations Team to deploy code to production quicker in an automated & repeatable method. The word 'DevOps' is a combination of 2 words 'development' and 'operations'. DevOps helps to will increase associate organization's speed to deliver applications and services. It permits organizations to serve their customers higher and vie a lot of powerfully within the market. the varied advantages provided by DevOps are:

✎  Enhanced collaboration.

✎   quick to market and agility improvement.

✎   DevOps offers significantly lower failure rate of new releases

✎  Accomplish accessibility & budget goals.

✎  Develop efficiency and deliver high value software.

✎  improved security & steadiness.

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DevOps Consulting

“End-to-end & customized DevOps solutions & services.”

UNIVISION is offering their experience to assist in application development & operations, using effective DevOps knowledge. leverage the employment of proficient specialists, we have a tendency to contour the flow on the entire lifecycle, from style, build, & take a look at to unleash, preparation processes, & operation. Our DevOps team’s mission is to assist our client’s service & to deliver them solutions, which permit them to figure at their full potential and change them to supply merchandise with fewer or no discrepancies. we offer customised DevOps tools & methods, that enable us to successfully transition to agile Cloud infrastructure. we have a tendency to assist you to integrate DevOps into the foundation of your business infrastructure.

DevOps Assessment

We have team of adept specialists who assess your DevOps practices, audit your existing infrastructure, analyze key points for your business, and advocate processes & tools, that simplify deployment and make it trouble free.

DevOps Automation

To ensure continuous readying & delivery, our team offers effective support for automation, that protects organizations from deployment risks and will increase their productivity & revenue.

DevOps Management

With our team’s experience, we provide support for unleash management, continuous deployment, Change management, and more, that helps organizations get speedy & trouble free deployment.

Expert DevOps Consulting

Scale up your business with our managed services for DevOps consulting that gives efficiency & automation to make organizational change to public cloud straightforward and trouble free. Our solutions area unit tailored to suit our client’s wants and work effectively with numerous Cloud platform.

Continuous Integration & Delivery

Leverage the benefits of continuous integration & delivery, and effortlessly minimize integration time, improve code quality, cut back project risks, and more. Also, get quicker time-to-market & value effective services.

Advantages of operating with our Devops specialists

✎  Get sleek communication and services.

✎  Find a team of hard working individuals, who offer innovative & effective solutions for Software as a Service (SaaS) implementation, Test Automation, Release Planning & Monitoring, and more.

✎  we provide services thereto guarantee optimum development & operations.

✎  Simple and problem free migration to Cloud.

✎  With us manage your development team effortlessly and acquire best results

✎  Receive skilled help with code, build, test, package, release, configure, monitor, & more.



Client Impact:

Internal monitoring of all systems, resources and stacks.

External monitoring of the site – uptime and response times.

Developer Impact:

Graphical visibility into all aspects of the site. Graphically view the impact of any changes you make to the site.


Metrics, Analytics, Logs

Client Impact:

Health and application performance are monitored by Real time metrics, 0 response times.

Developer Impact:

Generate a substantiation trail and envisage application logs. Identify issues and determine problems quicker.



Escape dependency hell once deploying code utilizing containers. Save cost on your cloud infrastructure bills. Scale quicker with greater certainty.



Website performance is vital to your success. we tend to change CDN, caching, in memory databases, image optimization, DNS migration, pipelining and affiliation pooling on your web site to enhance performance and Google ranking.



Client Impact:

Cloud security may be a large field. It needs continuous effort and application to remain on prime of security threats. We have tendency to implement variety of processes and tools thus you'll keep previous attackers. External security audit and take a look at test agencies give elaborate reports of security threats on your website. We offer you with the experience and personnel needed to action out their recommendations and secure your website.


Automated Infrastructure

System Orchestration:

Logging into the AWS console to create a new web server is not required. Just add the web server in the CMDB and the orchestration pipeline will launch a new instance, configure it, deploy your release, and add it to the cluster. All automatically. Orchestration will ensure all of your servers look exactly the same, without any “secret sauce” being typed in at the console to make them work.


Automated Build and Testing


Release quicker, with greater accuracy. Eliminate uncertainties from the release process.

Continuous Integration:

A continuous integration(CI) pipeline would ensure all your commits integrate well with the rest of the system. Automated tests will ensure any errors or API compatibility breakages are detected faster.


Automated Deployment

Continuous Delivery and Deployment:

Arrange your system so you can deploy any commit or release to a existing or New test, dev or staging environment at the press of a button.

Configuration Management::

Your code cannot run without the configurations, settings and packages it needs. The architecture of your infra in git – configuration is code! and A CMDB captures all these settings.

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Automated Build and Testing

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